At your pace

It doesn’t matter if you know a little Spanish or not. We will start this journey together because learning a language is an adventure. We will guide you step-by-step and you will see how easy it is, we will do it at your rhythm. We will focus our sessions on what you are most passionate about in this new world, culture, art, music, current affairs, cooking, traditions and much more.

All classes include:

  • Sessions designed according to objectives, interests and time.
  • Personalized material for each session according to the level and interest of the student.
  • Additional material to reinforce that which we have learned.
  • Coaching via WhatsApp. Pp, daily brief homework and much more in order to not lose motivation.
  • Continuous feedback.

Pricing and booking

At your pace I

8 sessions of 50 minutes each.


Available secure payment by PAYPAL

At your pace II

16 sessions of 50 minutes each.


Available secure payment by PAYPAL

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