Spanish 360°

If you need intensive coaching, we will engage in a course, which will allow you to obtain concrete results in relation to your initial level.
We will meet twice a week to enjoy the class and we will be able to communicate every day live and enjoy a personalized coaching. You will be able to clarify doubts, practice oral and written comprehension, listen to audios and watch videos which will reinforce your learning and advance at a good rhythm.

All classes include:

  • Sessions designed according to objectives, interests and time.
  • Personalized material for each session according to the level and interest of the student.
  • Additional material to reinforce that which we have learned.
  • Coaching via WhatsApp. Pp, daily brief homework and much more in order to not lose motivation.
  • Continuous feedback.

Pricing and booking

The Spanish 360° package consists in:

  • 20 50-minute sessions each.
  • 480 minutes of phone coaching.
  • 6 online 30-minute sessions each with native Spanish-speaking person to see that you can understand other varieties of Spanish.
  • The possibility to participate in an online cultural encounter in order to meet other native speaker and students.

  • PRICE 1250€


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